MCAF offers a range of language classes to meet the needs of newcomers:

  • Language Learning and Skills Development (LLSD) classes are designed to assist adult permanent residents to enhance their second language skills in English or French from CLB level Foundation up to Level 4/5.
  • NB Employment Language Training (NBELT) works with permanent residents on labour market language training, employment preparation, assertiveness, computer skills and Canadian work experience. NBELT is delivered as a Bridge class after Level 4/5 and also as a Block class.

When required, on-site Care of Newcomer children and transportation assistance is available for eligible LLSD and NBELT participants.

  • Business English for Newcomers (BEN) provides newcomers with the English skills, cultural awareness and information necessary to commence and sucessfully manage a business in New Brunswick.
  • The Newcomer Computer Learning Centre (NCLC) offers ongoing ESL Tutorials and Computer Training.

Other language training:

  • LINC Home Study (LHS) on-line classes provide distance language training for permanent residents who are unable to attend regular classes.
  • Tell Me More - free online language learning tool.
  • Free conversation classes in Fredericton for more information CLICK


Language Instructions For Newcomers

English-as-a-Second-Language Training

Permanent residents will contact the English Language Program (ELP) at 453-3564 to arrange an appointment for an assessment to access Language Learning and Skills Development (LLSD) training.

- Language Learning and Skills Development (LLSD)

For further information on LLSD training contact 454-8292 or CLICK

Language Learning and Skills Development (LLSD) classes are funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada.

- NB Employment Language Training (NBELT)

For further information on NBELT contact Jason at 452-0656, or CLICK

NBELT is funded by Citizenship & Immigration Canada, NB Department of Post Secondary Education, Training and Labour (DPETL) and co-funded through the NB Multicultural Council (NBMC).

- Business English for Newcomers (BEN)

For further information on BEN contact Jason at 452-0656, or CLICK

Business Englsih for Newcomers class is funded by the NB Popoulation Growth Division.

- English/French tutorials

For further information CLICK and NCLC.

- LINC Home Study (LHS) training

For further information contact 454-8292 or LHS link

LHS is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

- Tell Me More - online language tool provides instruction on speaking, listening, reading and writing in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch and Chinese (simplified & traditional).

For further information contact PGD

This language learning tool is funded by the NB Population Growth Division.